5 Times Flowers are the Best Choice That You Never Thought of

Flowers are the most popular gifts for many occasions such as Mothers Day, birthdays, and anniversaries, but there are more occasions that flowers make the best gift that are often not considered. As a shift is occulting towards minimalism and having fewer things in the house while building new experiences and enjoying a full life, it is time for flowers to take center stage as a great gift for housewarming, as a piece of home to take when moving out for the first time, when beginning a new career, pregnancy announcements, and beginning again after a life change. Flowers are a sign of new beginnings, luxury, and moving forward, making them suitable for man occasions.


Traditionally housewarming is a way of brining things that people need when they move into a new home, most often for the first time. It helps other adults to welcome them into the new stage of their life while bringing a gift to make the home warm and comfortable. People often have all they need to create a productive home, so these types of gifts are frequently no loner necessary, but bringing luxury flowers to someone’s new home can help it to feel decorated, cozy, and comfortable. It show that you appreciate them without adding clutter to their home, and leaving space to decorate how they want.

Moving Out

When a teen or young adult moves away from home for the first time it is often to a dorm room, shared apartment, or small space. Gifts that they need to have a comfortable life such as can openers and dishes can be useful and appreciated, however a small space or travelling for hours to their new home can make it necessary for them to have fewer items to take with them. If they have moved further than a short drive from home having flowers that are enjoyed by their family or that they grew up with through delivery by post can bring them a reminder of home and show your affection without adding to the things they are moving or storing.

New Careers

A new career often means a new office, or some updates to the old one, and brightening the area on that first day with same day delivery of flowers can show support on that day. Flowers will brighten the space and remind them that they have a fresh start at this new career and the support of family and friends as they begin.

Pregnancy Announcement

Having a baby and beginning a family is a wonderful moment that many want to share with family and friends. Sending flowers can help celebrate this moment without guessing what baby items they may want, or will need, as different ways of parenting have different needs. Sending flowers with same day delivery after a pregnancy announcement can commemorate that moment with them.

Beginning Again

Many life changes result in beginning again. Large moves, ending of relationships, health changes, and beginning new relationships are all big life changes and each can be marked with flowers for the occasion. Flowers can make a home feel different, more welcoming, and fresh flowers are suitable for any fresh beginning, and Moyses Stevens Flowers offers delivery seven days a week to help you mark each of these occasions with beautiful arrangements for anyone.